The Original Gospel Sounds
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Album Contents

Subrina; One of our biggest fans :-)

Steve Montgomery...On the drums

Madison..Proud of her new t-shirt

Lori Carroll & Sis Adams

Madison's "Jesus is my Playmaker T-Shirt"

Bill Schofield; Just bought the last Playmaker T-Shirt...

Lori & Machele talking to Sis Adams

Pastor Adam's Sister..Sue Taylor

Shelburn COG. . Making a difference in Shelburn IN

Oh to have the heart of a servant. . .

"If you've been waiting for a sign". . Here it is...

Bro Jerry Adams, Pastor, Shelburn Church of God

David Heard...Just being David

Bro Lenn Beaver aka "Bro Sound Man"

David Heard & Bill Schofield

Sis Beaver . . Bro Lenn's wife

David East...Setting up the sound system

Kaylee May - One of our biggest fans :-)

Eddie Carroll...Ready to get started

Album Shelburn Church of God April 2008

Album is not private

"Shall Burn' Church of God in Shelburn Indiana. Wonderful time of worship and fellowship!

Selected Photo: Subrina; One of our biggest fans :-)

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