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Spiceland Pike COG, New Castle IN

Connie Caldwell...Preparing for Bake Sale after service

Welcome Gospel Sounds!

Bro Sidwell...checking it all out.

"They're every where, They're every where"

Brittany Hardy....Having Fun, Workin Hard!

Just what the Gospel Sounds need...

Angie Hoffman...Having Fun, Workin Hard!

"Nailed to the Cross"

Sis Connie. . . Finishing up

Lori...Waitin on the guys to finish setting up

These guys did an awesome job as the chefs! Kudos

Lori...Still waitin............

Eddie. . .

Eddie..Trackin down cables

Good food and even better fellowship

Paul, Sound Checks..

Good food and even better fellowship

How does the keyboard sound David.......

Good food and even better fellowship

I think I was suppose to wait until he was finished with this bite Oops :)

Jason States, Our FABULOUS Sound Technician (and Eddie and Lori's son-in -law)

David hangin out back at the product table. .

Steve Montgomery. . .Drummer

Brittney and Angie. . . Workin Hard...or Hardley Working? These girls were great!

Machelle Montgomery, Steve's lovely wife

Brandon & Rosie....Telling David about "The Gathering Room" Watch for details

Lori & Machelle, Chattin while the guys finish setting up

Brandon Thrasher & Rosie Sidwell...

Paul Rigdon, Lead Guitar Player and newest addition

Album Spiceland Pike Church of God April 2008

Album is not private

Photos taken during Saturday Night and Sunday morning services. What a great time we had.

Selected Photo: Spiceland Pike COG, New Castle IN

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